Throw Back Tea

Who We Are

“To be beautiful is to be yourself”

throw back - what?

Life can get crazy. We get it. Sometimes having a minute to yourself, just ONE minute, is nearly impossible. We’re so caught up in our daily lives, full of responsibilities and to-do lists, that we often forget to spend time doing things that we WANT to do. Things that make us happy. Things that make us… well, US.

That’s why we started Throw Back Tea. 

Throw Back Tea is here so that you can take a second out of your day to say, feel and do whatever you need to make you, YOU.

We love tea. For us, tea is an outlet - a time for us to take deep breaths, refocus & seriously calm the eff down. Why is this so important? Because we’ve discovered so many around us (ourselves included) who suffer quietly, in our own heads. We find our minds are so riddled with stress, anxiety, and daily worries that it has almost become a norm. And that is not okay.

At Throw Back Tea, we’ve made it our mission to help you prioritize YOU. We are here to remind you that you are the most important person in your life and that your mental health is sacred. We’ve designed a range of hand-blended, specialty teas filled with freshly sourced ingredients to help quiet down the mental chatter. 

In the midst of our crazy busy lives, tea is not just tea anymore.

It’s a reminder to put ourselves first, no matter what. A reminder to discover, accept and love your true self. And it all starts with just one cup.

So raise your cup and join us today!