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FREE SHIPPING for orders $49+ (code: TBTEA)
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It's that time of the month...again

Every woman in the world faces invisible challenges that are rarely talked about. One challenge that all women face is having periods. Yet, no one talks about it. That's going to

This March, we're offering a new tea blend called "Period.This herbal tea is paired with a decadence of sweet chocolate chips and a refreshing peppermint aftertaste that is specifically to help soothe your period pains and to satisfy your sweets craving. For the month of March, we are offering a special tea bundle to help start the conversation that women have their periods and it affects how we feel and live. Our tea bundle includes:

*A Period. tea bag (30g, loose leaf)
*A tea filter
*For each bundle purchased, $1 will be donated to The Period Purse, a Toronto-based charity that helps provide period necessities to women who can't afford it

And, to celebrate all the women out there, you can get 20% off your next tea order after signing up for our newsletter here.

So, let's start the conversation together. But if you're on your period, first get your tea mug, sit down and seriously chill the f*ck out, 'cuz girl - you deserve it. 

Click here to get our tea bundle here

Click here to learn more about The Period Purse