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How we started

Overworked and over life, Celina said to Sandra;
“What if I made a tea called “Shut Your Pinehole?” That’d be pretty funny.”  
That’s how Throw Back Tea was born.


Relatable, sassy, real and fun, Throw Back Tea is here to remind us that life is meant to be lived. With delicious tea and killer humour, we tackle difficult topics and life’s challenges because diving deep makes real change.

We believe in equal opportunity and we know that life isn’t fair. That’s why every bag sold supports a cause that provides access to needs that every human being deserves.

Every sip is a reminder of how strong we are, and how far we’ve come. Relax, laugh, dance or sing and at the end of the day, live.

That’s why, we’re all about Real Tea, Real Talk and Throwing Back Tea.


 Celina and Sandra